VOTE: End Free Parking to Protect the Climate

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More information about the proposal:

TITLE: Cut commuting GHG and traffic by 23%

PROBLEM: Of the 102M US commuters, 91% are provided with free parking. Google has cut solo driving to 52%, but almost all other free-parked companies are stuck at 77%. To meet 2035 Kyoto targets, we must eliminate free parking to reduce driving demand.

SOLUTION: Parking charges + incentives: cut commuting 23%. Solo drivers pay $2/day. Transit/carpool users receive $4/day. Solo commutes cut from 77% to 54%. Phased in gradually. Result: 23M new green commuters, 50M fewer tons CO2/year, $25B/year new funding for green transportation alternatives, $1.5T in parking space real-estate redevelopment. Proposal received supporting letters from SVLG, Sierra Club, MTC, VTA, SamTrans, and Transform.

TECHNOLOGY: 1) Calendar plug-in reports commute mode (bus, carpool, bike, ..), autofilled via technology like Google Now/Latitude. Calendar data is rolled into payroll processing. 2) The smartphone mobility ecosystem: Zipcar, Lyft/Zimride, Avego, SideCar, iBART, GoogleMaps Transit Directions, self-driving robotaxi services, etc. Low-cost, revenue-neutral implementation for employers.